2011.10.15~16, 21~23

National Palace Museum Plaza /

Miaoli Dome Arena, Taiwan

Contemporary Legend Theatre

Moment Musical Symphony Orchestra

Director: Wu, Hsin-Kuo

Composer: Xu, Shu-Ya

Conductor: Chiang, Ching Po

Scene Design: Lin, Ke-Hua

Costume Design: Timmy Yip

Lighting Design: Lin, Ke-Hua

Sound System Design: Yen Chun Yang (TOPSOUND)

FOH Mixing: Yen Chun Yang (TOPSOUND)

Project Information

This project set its history scenes in the National Palace Museum which conforms to the condition of cultural memory of the Site-Specific Theater. The background of the story in the early 18th century, the scriptwriter give us a image at the beginning in the era of the great exploration on the ocean. The Sino-Franco friendship is established between Emperor Kangxi and Louis XIV in mutual unfamiliarity and curiosity.

The opera has 26 theme tunes, among which 18 belong to the Chinese portion, 7 belong to the French portion and 1 is of the Sino-Franco portion. All these music play by a 30 people symphony orchestra and a 10 people traditional Chinese band. It’s hard to keep the balance between opera signer and the symphony orchestra; and between Peking opera signer and the traditional Chinese band, and also when these four parts comes together.

When I designed the FOH system for the Palace Museum outdoor plaza, I found there have no chance to set up the FOH speakers in front of the main stage(stage B), I put them on the top stage level(stage A and orchestra platform) the bottom box have 10m vertical distance from the audience. Therefore I add 4 speaker under the main stage for the delay front fill.

The first idea is quite simple channels to Stereo, Stereo to Matrix and Matrix to each speakers. After the sound check I realized that it’s not that simple as I though, the same source to speaker at different altitude will cause the actor confuse by the delay voice behind them when they are on stage B even they still can heard the monitor.

I give up the original plan I took, luckily my mixing console can send the channels directly to Matrix just like send to Aux, let me can have different balance between vocal and band in every sets of speakers. It spend me a morning to get the perfect balance, the result is about vocal 25% and band 70% in the FOH speakers, vocal 60% and band 40% in the front fill speakers. Side area speaker and the screen delay speaker down stairs still keep the channels to Stereo balance. 

Equipment List




FOH speaker:

Stage B Front Fill speaker:

Stage D Front Fill speaker:

Left/Right Side speaker:

Delay Tower 1 speaker:

Delay Tower 2 speaker:

Entrance Delay speaker:

Monitor speaker:


Snake cable:





Wireless microphone:




Side Racks:


TOA E-1231 x 8, dbx 1231 x 2, Rane DEQ-60L

QSC PL236 x 7, QSC PLX-3602 x 6

DAS Aero 12A x 16, DAS Aero 182A x 4

EAW LA215 x 4,

Renkus-Heinz 121 x 2

DAS Varient 112A x 6

Renkus-Heinz 152 x 4

Renkus-Heinz 152 x 4

Renkus-Heinz 152 x 2

DAS Varient 25A x 4, d&b MAX x 4, EAW S50 x 4, EAW S60 x 3

EAW SM122 x 2, EV Sx200 x 6, Renkus-Heinz 121 x 4

RSS Digital Snake S4000 32in/8out system x 2, 

16 pair multi-cable x 2

Schoeps MSTC 64U ORTF x 1, Neumann KM184 x 14, KM140 x 3

Crown CM700 x 4, AKG C414 x 3, CK1 x 4, Audix ADX50 x 2, Shure Beta58 x 2, SM57 x 4, SM58 x 4, S565 x 5 Beyerdynamic M380 x 1, DPA 4060 x 2
Sennheiser ew100 G2 body pack x 8 with DPA 4060 x 8 Mipro

ACT707 pack x 24 with MU55HN x 24, Mipro ACT707 handheld

wireless mic x 4

Alesis Master Link 9600 x 1

Drawmer DA6 2in/12out distribution amplifier x 1, 

DENON CDJ-2400 x 1