2014.05.02~03, 30~31

UCSD Molli & Arthur Wagner Dance Building

/ Encinitas Branch Library

Imago Moves 

UCSD Theatre & Dance


Director: Yolande Snaith

Choreographer: Yolande Snaith

Lighting Design: Gwikyoung Ko

Sound Design / Interactive Device Design: Yen Chun Yang

Stage Manager: Cara Anderson

Project Information

Homing plays imaginatively with corporeally mapped scores of the familiar and mundane elements of our living spaces, whilst calling upon our lived, emotional history and experience, animating what the body remembers instant by instant. Pathways sculpted around the architectures, forms and details of familiar rooms are sketched, etched, traced, reanimated, articulated, fragmented and eroded within a field of multiple possibilities, where the dancers negotiate their journeys, crossing, colliding, intercepting, and fusing with each other in an intricate web of transient spaces and places.

Navigating absence offers a deeper layer of emotional resonance, where the dancers map their memory of other bodies, evoking interactions with missing partners, creating dances where 'otherness' and absence play a major role.